Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Everybody lies.

Except all those people who told me - continuously - how great House was. They weren't lying.

I appreciate that.

I finished Season 1 about an hour ago, watched the special features (Why don't the producers or whoever puts the DVD materials together ALWAYS include bloopers? It should be a requirement.) and now find myself at a bit of a loss, because Netflix doesn't deliver the first two discs of Season 2 until tomorrow.

I'm passing the time searching for pictures to use in future blog posts. Yeah, like I have nothing else to do before next Sunday...

My mom called earlier and started talking about an "administrators retreat" she's supposed to go to tomorrow for work. It's on a party barge at the local reservoir. My first thought was, of course, Booze Cruise. I tried to explain it to her, but I don't think she appreciated the nuances of Michael Scott and how he's obviously impacted the local team building industry. Heh.


palv said...

Hi! I love both "House" and "The Office". You might like to know that, according to TV.com, one of Hugh Laurie's favorite American TV shows is "The Office"! I think that's pretty high praise for "The Office" (though the show undoubtedly has the quality to justify it), given Laurie's pedigree in comedy.

TV Addict said...

Hi! That is pretty high praise. I wasn't much aware of Laurie's comedy past until recently. He's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I recognized you! Well, Granger. I saw him and was like, "Wait! Is that the blogger girl with the husband who is in a band? NO way!!". And it was you. :) You and your husband are super cute and gigglily together. xD