Thursday, June 21, 2007

My own little hiatus.

If a week can be considered such a thing. It is summer, you know... and therefore, not much is on my TV radar at the moment, especially considering the move and etc. STILL. I finished (stayed up until 4 a.m. to watch) season 2 of HOUSE and am very eagerly (read: impatiently) awaiting the season 3 DVDs - of that and several other shows. There's just something about that Hugh Laurie that makes him a teensy bit irresistible. Obsessive. That's me.

Things I've heard about recently:
1. Heroes is already back in production. Good grief.
2. David Anders has been cast on Heroes (hello, love him!)
3. Fandomicity, which I'll assume everyone has seen by now, but if not, there are tons of YouTube links floating around - including the one in the post below this one. Check it out if you like The Office. There's just no excuse not to.
4. Some of the Heroes cast is not returning.
5. Why is this all about Heroes?

Speaking of The Office. Today was my last day of work at the design firm. My boss and a coworker took me out to lunch and gave me a little going away gift: a DWIGHT BOBBLEHEAD. So excited! He will find an immediate place of prominence on my desk - once it's been unpacked. Isn't he cute? And I hear there are bobbleheads of other cast members coming soon!!! They're gonna suck us all in. Every single one of us.

I'm ending this pointless, rambling post now, before it's too late. I promise a return to some sort of normalcy once I'm resettled on the West Coast.

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