Wednesday, September 5, 2007

LOST and the art of the MindFrak.

What... is this?


Paco said...

um wat the fuck?

and in a completely unrelated note, You need to watch Friday Night Lights like... now!

and are you watching Greek on ABC Fam?

TV-Addict said...

Exactly my thought! Did the bunnies replicate? did they... what DID they do? God, I hate and love those people all at the same time.

RE: FNL. I know... I'm totally to be sent to the TV Principal for not watching. I plan to grab the season 1 dvd, but don't know if i'll catch up in time for the s2 premiere. It's apparently a sin that I don't watch it - apart from the show's quality - because I'm from the South.

Greek, no. Have heard good things about it, though. You like?

TV-Addict said...

So, Paco, I was totally wrong... FNL is still showing full eps on and because you are only like, the 5,000th person to tell me I MUST watch, I shall begin episode one tonight.

Paco said...

I JUST started FNL yesterday but for some reason, when I came to check out if you had updated your blog I was like "why isnt this woman watching that show?!" Its amazing! Im not even into football at.all. Yet, I was really into the game part of the episode. And I know Im going to be invested in a show when they have me bawling on the first episode. =')

And Greek is amazing! It his hilarious! I know Im not alone in loving it. I wasnt planning on watching it and then i was catching a small part on an episode and saw that they have a gay black character in the show and that alone made me watch it. But I was pleasantly surprised that all the rumors about it are true. Its a really good show.