Thursday, September 6, 2007

Random Round-up.

1. TV Guide has formulated a nifty (and printable) 2007 Premiere Calendar. New promo pics for all the shows are also beginning to circulate - can't wait to use them for episode posts!

2. I officially want to be BFFs with the Heroes (just wait until Kristen Bell arrives and this feeling goes into overdrive) after all the pics and videos (shot by the cast) from their World Tour.

3. I'm definitely way more sad about this than than I should be, considering I don't know them personally. Still... super classy about the whole situation. *sniff*

4. So, I'm now forced to never leave home on Thursday nights. Thanks a lot, Apple. (Yes, let me go on with the drama - I know it's available other places.)

5. This is driving me crazy... and I'm not even one of those UBER-obsessed people spending every waking minute trying to figure it out. I'm SO not that industrious, instead preferring the lazy man's route and checking every day to see if he's given in and given up.


Davo said...

Since (temporarily) breaking my addiction to computer games I thought I was watching too much TV. Apparently not as this all seems a lost world to me. Maybe the History channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, Bravo, FoodTV and the news channels are not mainstream...

Sarah said...

The Heroes pictures are cute, however the flirting between Milo and Hayden has me perplexed. They are cute together, but their characters are related- goo!