Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Office: 4x01

The Office
Fun Run

Yes. Yes, it was very fun. Like, the most fun I've had in AGES. And because I'm feeling slightly warm and tingly all over, I have to start... yeah, you know where.

It's more than just "a date," it's DATING!

I'm not sure there's anything more perfect than the Jim and Pam I saw in this episode - and I can't be the only one. Surely, Greg Daniels will fall asleep to the screams of fangirls from across the nation tonight. And being one of them, I refuse to think about obligatory bumps in the road, and instead, choose to relish tonight for what it was... From Kevin's investigation and the covert kiss in the car (ohmygodtheykissedforreal), to the camera crew calling them out, Pam's confession and Jim's blushing (why is he THE cutest thing I've ever seen), to her checking him out from her perch at reception and the looks and the jokes and the hand-holding (oh my word, the hand-holding), to the overall and in general feeling that I might die from their sheer cuteness... it was just... amazing. And yes, I am a female and therefore allowed to think all those things without judgement. And then to rewind. And rewind. And rewind. See, I could have written a whole blog, complete with pictures, on this subject, but I condensed it to a paragraph, because I know there is more to The Office and its brilliance than Jim and Pam... (even though I feel they are a very import part, let's say, "the heart," of the show.) *ahem* And now I need new screencaps.

I was laughing less than 60 seconds into this episode, always a good sign.

1. Let's begin with Jan, passed out in the bed, followed immediately by Michael, hitting Meredith with his car because he was being, in his own words, "negligent."

2. Kevin, the investigative reporter, who's not quite as good as the documentary team.

3. D, Monkey and the Sprinkles instructions/situation. Nevermind, Angela's black suit of mourning, black running ensemble and fury at Dwight, including pushing him into office furniture. Oh yeah, and Dwight's farming principles. In his defense, how was Dwight to know Sprinkles wouldn't get into Cat Heaven?

4. Michael's religious icon. Hysterical. I really had issues breathing during this part. (Sidenote to the writers: Presbyterian is not a religion. It's a denomination of the Christian religion. Not to be picky, but... I'm just sayin'.) And I'm sorry, but why was the tech guy still there? Working out the porn situation?

5. Dwight discussing "putting farm animals out of their misery" while visiting Meredith. And why has she been bitten by so many rodents?

6. Michael's attempt to lessen his attempt on Meredith's life, by focusing on Dwight's. From last season.

7. Andy's nipple chaffing. Disgusting, disturbing... and somehow, hilarious.

8. The couple of kittens. Out on the town.

9. Angela's relationship discussion with Pam. LOVE that she doesn't even hide it from Pam anymore. Also love how disgusted she is by Pam's being a "dog person."

10. The giant check, bat birth control, Rabies doctor and fake nurse.

11. Oh. My. God. Pam seeing Michael's "dangling participle." And the conversation/talking heads that followed, re: European Offices... it's just not fair to people with Rabies.

12. Creed's age. Heh. Wonder what benefits he's getting from that.

13. Toby stretching, while Michael carbo-loads. P.S. Who gave Dwight a gun?

14. Stanley, Creed and Oscar at the bar.

15. Michael and Meredith in the hospital. Sharing lollipops.

*Quotes to follow tomorrow. I'm only half-way through... these hour longs are gonna kill me.

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