Thursday, September 27, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: 4x01

Grey's Anatomy
A Change is Gonna Come

I'd love to sit here and wax poetic about Grey's Anatomy and the possibility that Season 4 might (tonight gave me a glimmer of hope) be able to overcome the tragedy that was Season3. But if I did, I'd also have to talk about the ridiculousness of the Meredith and Derek story, Alex's facial hair, and Izzie doing surgery on a deer. Or the fact that it's still way too "themey" (come on, Alex actually gave Christina a bag of change). But I can't. I can't focus on much of anything... except what just happened on The Office.

So, I'll just say...

1. I enjoyed the opening, where our Interns, now Residents, give the same speech to their newbies, that Bailey gave to them three years ago. Nice continuity.

2. George and Izzie have got to stop it.

3. I have mixed feelings about Lexie.

4. Bailey still rules.

5. And, once more, I'm really, really, really sick of the Meredith/Derek thing.

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree on the Meredith/Derek story:
I found them surprisingly refreshing comparing to last year... :)