Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House: 4x01


What with the title of the episode, I feel it appropriate to feature Hugh - minus the rest of the cast - in this week's recap photo. Plus, I love him.

Where to begin, friends? Should I focus on the joy a new season brings to my little heart? Should I lament the absence of Chase, Cameron and Foreman from this week's episode? Or, I don't know... laugh with glee at the prank Wilson played on House? I choose option 3.

We see House, living life without his ducklings and completely unwilling to hire a new team. So much so that he brings in a janitor and hilariously names him, Dr. Buffer, even sending him to deal with patients in his stead. Cuddy is not a fan and, once again, she and Wilson have varying opinions on how to deal with Greg when he's being... *ahem* difficult. I'm siding with Wilson tonight, out of sheer love for his creativity. Knowing just where to hit, Wilson steals House's guitar, sending ransom notes and photos (making it completely obvious the whole time - I loved the paper with letter holes cut in the front), and promising the return of his friend's prized possession - after he interviews new fellowship candidates. You can imagine how well this goes over with House, who in turn, kidnaps one of Wilson's patients. Classic. Seeing House and Wilson onscreen together, gives me the same giddy feeling I get when Michael and Toby share a scene on The Office, and sometimes I laugh so hard... I cry. Tonight, for instance, I had to hit the pause button on my Tivo when Wilson (doing his best to be ominous) muttered, "Ever tightened a guitar string really, really slowly? Past the point it can handle the strain? It makes this weird... sound. Almost like a scream. Eeeah. Eeeah." Wilson, you dog. I won't even mention the Telenovela you had on your Tivo. Teehee.

Back at the farm, Cuddy and House resume their, IloveyouIhateyou routine I adore, complete with a Magic 8 Ball and inappropriate comments about Cuddy's Water Bra. They just need to get it over with already. Again (if we believe their little season three exchange). And in the end, it's Cuddy (the enabler) who turns the knife, listing the attributes of Foreman, Chase and Cameron, and how they'd have solved the case for him, "days ago." Of course, she gave him waaaay too much leeway (as usual) when she told him to hire a new team, "I don't care how you do it. Just do it." Cut to House and his girl-guitar, with a roomful of doctors at their "interview."

Ah, Greg, this is why I love you.

Next week: House thinks he's hallucinating when he sees his ducklings back at Princeton-Plainsboro. Let the fun begin.

Weirdness: I saw not one bottle of Vicodin, nor one pill pop, tonight. Veddy, veddy strange.

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