Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reaper: 1x01


My first encounter with Reaper was reading the script a few months ago and then, watching the Pilot a few days later. I mentioned back then, that I really like the show, and the opinion still stands, but I have a slight beef with their continuity department after re-watching it tonight on the CW.

After filming the original pilot (the one I saw), there was a casting change. Nikki Reed, who played Sam's love interest, Andie, was replaced by Missy Peregrym (Candice from Heroes). I have no problem with the casting, but I DO have a problem with all the scenes they reshot with Missy. Why? Because Brett Harrison (Sam) was clean-shaven in every scene, save the ones with Missy... where he had a nice little porn-stache. Why did no one pay attention to this? Why did they let Brett grow facial hair? Am I the only one who noticed... and found it completely distracting?


Sarah said...

I read the review before I watched the episode and then I couldn't help but notice the freaky facial hair appearance. I can't help but love Brett Harrison though...

On an Office related note- have you gone to Target and got any of the dollar Office products? I bought an obscene amount of crap. I'm still needing the elusive Dwight-head stress ball.

TV-Addict said...

Uh oh... sorry to distract you, but man, wasn't it a little ridiculous?? I do love him too, though. Such a cutie.

I have also bought an obscene amount of crap... most of which will probably fall apart or never work (the pens, come on). Oh well, it's about love. And I have not see the Dwight strees ball. *scratches chin*