Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Schedule and Info

As my Fall TV Season officially begins (ohmygoshilovethistimeofyear) with the Gossip Girl premiere tomorrow night, I thought I'd do a little update on plans, schedules, etc.

Nothing much has changed, other than the addition of Friday Night Lights, heretofore known as FNL, to the roster, as it's now one of my must-see shows. (See previous blog entry for gushing.)

Most of you know this, but as fate (or really sucky timing) would have it, this fall is starting off a bit crazy at home. I'm looking for a new job after finishing my summer school program, trying to find a place to live, and feeling generally, rather stressed.

That said, you may not find a blog for every show, every week. I'm sure I'll have something to say about all the premieres, especially when it comes to the newbies, but you probably won't find a weekly HIMYM or Private Practice recap. Maybe an end of the week round-up, general thoughts about what's going on in TV Land. (Read: Things that pissed me off/made me happy/both.)

Still, there are some shows you can count on for regular coverage (it's possible others will be added once life has settled down). And the winners are:
Heroes, HOUSE, The Office, Friday Night Lights.

Fall Premiere Dates
(and There's Proof's Viewing Schedule)

Wednesday, September 19
8/7c - *Kid Nation, CBS
9/8c - *Gossip Girl, CW

Monday, September 24
8/7c - *Chuck, NBC
8/7c - How I Met Your Mother, CBS
9/8c - Heroes, NBC

Tuesday, September 25
9/8c - House, Fox
9/8c - *Reaper, CW

Wednesday, September 26
9/8c - *Private Practice, ABC

Thursday, September 27
9/8c - Grey's Anatomy, ABC
9/8c - The Office, NBC

Sunday, September 30
10/9c - Brothers and Sisters, ABC

Wednesday, October 3
8/7c - *Pushing Daisies, ABC

Friday, October 5
9/8c - Friday Night Lights, NBC

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