Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brothers and Sisters: 2x05

Brothers and Sisters
Domestic Issues

It's been a while since we talked Walker, and I've missed them. You?

Granted, tonight was more drama heavy than usual. Custody battles, adultery, pregnancy, growing addiction - with no outburst of funny from Kevin to temper the blow. I'm counting on you, man! Come on!

So, wow with the Sarah and Joe thing. I sort of wanted to pound Joe in the pants with a water bottle for doing that to her. I get that he took care of them while she worked (don't get me started on why he thinks that suddenly means he's got sole rights to them), but she didn't neglect them - she was their provider for Pete's sake, and to try and pull the rug out from under her is just WRONG. And DIRTY. Shared custody is the ONLY fair thing to do in this case, so that judge and Joe can just kiss it. God, Rachel broke my heart in the last scene, and I'm nowhere near in the market for my own children at this point in life, so I'm blaming my tears on all the emotion of going to the baptism of my best friend's baby girl this morning. I just can't imagine.

So, Kitty's pregnant and Robert's running for President. Not exactly ideal, but interesting. And who knew Kitty even wanted a kid? I mean, has she said anything about reproducing before? Maybe she has and I lost the memory somewhere amid a mountain of press releases. Whatever. In all honesty, it's a believable turn - and I think I might actually like it. Who knows what will happen next, but for now, I'm good. And this storyline provided the only comedic break of the night as Justin spread the news as only Walkers do. Plus, now we are all in on the pantry secret...

Um, waiter *snap, snap*... I mean, writer... could I order a new storyline for Justin?

And, didn't Rebecca and her mom make up - kinda - last week? I mean, not that I'm complaining, I like her being at Nora's, but I'm just trying to recall.

Tonight's special section is reserved for idiocy...

TOMMY. Just... just... STOP. Seriously. When I say that your little ... dalliance is unacceptable, I really mean, a stupid ass thing to do you bonehead. Okay? I mean, I get that you're pissed and sad and confused and really feeling low about Julia - and you have every right because I think she's really doing an unfair number on you with the whole packing up your kid and leaving and not giving you any say in the matter, but STOP. Don't make me not like you anymore. Please. Keep it in your pants. I have to stop or I'll get up on my handy dandy soap box and not come down.

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Anonymous said...

The Sarah and Joe scenes were heartbreaking. Who could honestly believe that primary custody would be the best decision for Paige and Cooper?

Yes, I agree. Justin needs a new storyline. But Tommy does too. I always hate story arcs on infidelity.