Thursday, October 25, 2007

Across the Universe

I'm in love with this movie.

And I worked hard for it. I mean, I heard about it a while ago, researched release dates, and waited patiently, trying to spread the word to everyone else in my circle. When I left LA, I also left the land of getting movies while in limited release, so there was that delay. Then, when I finally went to see it last week during the day, I ended up alone in the theater with a guy that really started creeping me out - I won't go into detail - but about the time Jude started singing, "Something," I was outta there. And royally pissed. Then the weekend was full, so I put it off until Tuesday - and it was so worth it.

Completely fantastic - and while it enriches the experience and understanding of the film, I really don't think you have to know The Beatles to like it or get it or whatever. It's just... I don't know how to describe it, but it's beautiful to watch and hear.

Jim Sturgess is my new favorite - and I've discovered he's playing George in The Other Boleyn Girl, so... score. Can't wait to see more of him - though I think Jude will always be my favorite character, and I'll always want him to burst out into song. Not to type-cast him or anything.

Just go see it.

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