Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Office: 4x05

The Office
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And we're back to thirty minutes - which has its fair share of pluses and minuses. Plus: not filling in the gaps with Michael driving his car into a lake. Minus: thirty less minutes of funny and cuteness. Oh, well, whatever. As long as I can count on the constancy of my Thursday night, as long as I know it's going to be there for me, I'll take what I can get. (Sorry, was discussing with a friend, how TV is a source of comfort when everything else is haywire in life - moving, job searching, etc.)

Tonight was all about ensemble...

And I loved it. When they stay on site, all together, it reminds me of season 1 and 2. Less bells and whistles (not that I don' t love the occasional bell or whistle) and moments with Cousin Mose, but the idea of that group trapped in an enclosed space, for an unknown amount of time... pure comedy. And in honor of that, tonight's breakdown is by character...

Michael: Such dedication. He can be laughable, sure, but that ad was pretty dang good! I mean, come one, Chariots of Fire?! Awesome. Michael broke out of his creative lock box. He used the talents of his workers. He visualized the unicorn. It's inspiring, really. Look for Mike's Cereal Shack in a city near you.

Andy: KIT KAT BAR!! Come, on! (Though I do like "football cream.") And I'm sorry, what he and Angela were doing is called "facing." I have this on good authority from a friend. Apparently there are by-laws to facing, and I think "cheeking the earlobe," crosses the boundaries of decency. Also love that Nard Dawg has NO clue what is going on with Dwight.

Dwight: Heh. "Oooooh, D." And, I'm sorry, but his second lifer can fly? Saving the masses from overpriced paper. Plus, his life was so good, his second life had a second life. Who can top that?

Jim: I, like Pam, want a Philly Jim. Too cute. Plus, bringing in breakfast, proud boyfriend smile at Pam's animation, followed immediately by protective/jealous boyfriend arm around the shoulders... always a win. Even if he did have to catch a ride home with Meredith. Guess he pissed... (P.S. Let's not give Jim and Pam any issues yet, everyone - this is normal. People work late.)

Pam: I loved focused, artistic Pam, falling asleep in the office, but having to decide if sleeping in the same place as Dwight and Michael was better or worse than falling asleep at the wheel and dying in a fiery car crash. P.S. I need Pam to clear my phone lines.

Darryl: The song was fantastic. And the backup singers - even better! Hysterical. Why did I feel like I was watching Cheers?

Phyllis: I want to see the outtakes on that crying scene.

Angela: Who doesn't hate being titillated? Yeah, I need outtakes on that, too.

The people-person's, paper people.

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