Tuesday, October 23, 2007

House: 4x04

Guardian Angels

Strange. This photo was labeled, "Season 4 Cast Promo." If that's the season four cast, why am I spending entire episodes seething at Cutthroat Bitch and reluctantly becoming more attached to 13, while Chase enters the frame for all of 90 seconds?

I need my team. I need their interaction with House. There. I said it.

Still, I love this show. And I'm willing to let it take it's time, bring them all slowly back into the same realm (read: Princeton Plainsboro), but I'm going to need some trade offs. More Wilson, please. More Chase/Cameron interaction (if they can't be with House, at least let me see them together). More Cuddy/House... everything.

I'd also like Cutthroat Bitch to go away. Far, far away.

The good...

1. House's Angels.

2. The Bachelor. When House walked in with those flowers at the end of the episode, I felt the corners of my mouth turn up. Classic. (Much like the Survivor spoof a few weeks before.)

3. The interaction between House and Cole. The beliefs, the kid, all of it. I love how House can't stand not know anything... no matter what it is. Great bet with Cameron to carry the storyline forward, but in the end, just like House, I enjoy seeing someone stand up to him, earn his respect. Plus, it provided a plethora of inappropriate jokes and comments.

4. Cuddy seeing through Cutthroat Bitch's brown nosing avoidance.

5. Newbies in the cemetery.

The bad...

Not enough Chase. Not enough Cameron. Not enough Foreman interacting with the right people! It just doesn't work for me. I can't invest in the lives and stories of these characters and then have it come to an abrupt halt. It's one thing when you kill them off, but it's another completely to leave them there, within my reach, but out of my grasp!

Just a few quotes

Cuddy: The doctor's lounge is covered in mud.
House: Thirteen and Cutthroat Bitch had a disagreement, cafeteria was out of Jello.
Cuddy: There were pickaxes. Either you had them dig up a body, or you're building a railroad.

House: Big Love, have I humiliated you in the last hour?
Cole: No.
House: Check your email.

House: You punch your boss and stick around?
Cole: Just give me the flower and shut up.

House: Sorry, Henry. We had some giggles.


Kim said...

i agree with everything you've said in this post.
cutthroat bitch really needs to go shes extremely annoying

Proof said...

yeah, she's just... terrible.

(and scotland? awesome. love it there.)

procrastinator said...

Yeah I think it's great that they are taking a chance to shake things up with new folks, and I'm willing to wait it out for the old crew to come back, but I def want them to. And yeah ax cut throat bitch...