Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heroes: Season 2, Chapter 5

Season 2, Chapter 5
Fight or Flight

A random snapshot and thoughts...

1. Riddle me this, Mohinder. Why the hell did you take Molly to The Company? Not your best move. And then, you're sent to investigate Monica? Wha...huh?

2. So, Matt's daddy is a freakin' weirdo. I mean, yikes! But was he giving us a little foreshadowing of Parkman's future? And why do they have the same power, or derivative thereof?

3. Peter - You're goobing me out.

4. What is with Scarface!Nathan? Huh? HUH?

5. So Nikki has the virus, turned herself in and is going to do it with Mohinder. Wait, was the last part not in the episode?

People/Things I'm bored with...

1. Monica. I really thought her power was going to be awesome catering. As a Food Network junkie, I'd prefer it.

2. Again, they weren't in the episode tonight, but seriously, I'm jumping on board with the, "Maya and her brother are the new Nikki/Paulo" train. Most exciting thing I've seen in regard to them was Sylar's promise to kill them in next week's preview.

3. Ando. *yawn*

4. The really bad accents in Ireland.

5. Micah and his super reasoning skills. What kid would have made that association about Monica, with or without the comic book? I know, I know... he's a genius. Fine, I'll give it to him... but right now, that whole family is taxing my attention span.

Things I want...

1. And Elle/Sylar face off. (It makes me a little giddy that KB and Zach are such cute friends offscreen, great chemistry already - so I can only imagine how well they'd play off one another ONscreen.)

2. Sark in present day. Feudal Japan has to go.

3. Bear to stop flying around with Peter Pan. (Not in this episode, but just weighing on my mind.)

Best in show...

Oh, Kristen, how I love you. I mean, your electricity looked totally fake, but that has nothing to do with your skills. And sure, the dialogue lacks that snappy, quippy, super smart quality us Veronica Mars fans are so used to (and missing terribly), but again, you're working with the words you're given. It's the facial expressions, the voice - so much played in so few scenes. Loved the switch from merciless vixen, "I killed him, what's the big deal?" to petulant and childlike (total voice change and everything), "What if I promise not to..." All the interviews I've read and seen were totally true. I saw the loose canon, loving her power and the pain, alongside the girl who's trying to please, to get the job done. Kristen Bell, hero and girl genius. Layers, people, it's about layers! Cannot wait to see what Elle gives us next. And I'm wondering, just a little bit, if Veronica is already on your trail.

P.S. Who's your daddy? No. Really. Who's your daddy... the one on the phone?

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