Monday, October 1, 2007

A smattering...

Last night was the Season 2 Premiere of Brothers and Sisters. You know how I am about the Walkers - LOVE them (though, sadly, they've been slightly eclipsed by the Taylors over on FNL). Poor Nora spent much of the summer alone, save for black sheep, Rebecca - her dead husband's love child, who's now living in Kitty's old room. Confused? Heh. Somehow it works for the kooky clan - and I'll always give Rebecca the benefit of the doubt because I feel certain one day she'll go back to Ephram. Oops, is that the wrong show? Anywho, a few questions/comments:

1. I feel bad for Kitty. Are we going to start every season on her cursed birthday?
2. Since when did Joe want a divorce?? He's the one that screwed up and got kicked out. Now he's the one who wants to end it? Um...
3. I see some bumps in the road for Tommy and Julia.
4. I wonder if Kitty and Robert will actually get married... and will he get elected? That would be interesting... and strange. Can you imagine the Walkers in the White House?!
5. A shocking lack of Justin! Bring him home now!


Still liking Chuck. It's just super cute - or am I confusing the show with Zachary Levi? Nah. It's a fun show... and I'm especially excited about the casting news/photos released recently. Cutie-patootie Rachel Bilson is headed to Buy More. Not sure who she's playing (Is it possible she's the ex-girlfriend Bryce stole?) or when her arc begins, but I love me some R Bils. Plus, who knows... Zach is cute and very Adam Brody/Seth Cohen-ish... and we know she likes the type. How cute would the two of them be?

Number one reason of the night to watch Chuck? Shout outs to other awesome shows! Chuck's brain is set off by an image and amongst the flashing pictures we hear him say, "Flight 815 was shot down..."

Looks like the Chuck peeps are LOST fans. Solidarity, baby.


Claire cut off her toe. And watched it grow back. Gross. And seriously... West is obviously flying in the sky, look up. Mr. Muggles sees him, but you don't? I see some angsty, teenage, "we're so different, no one understands us," bonding ahead. Wonder if West takes Bear on a magic carpet ride next week... Claire's about to enter a whole new world. /Cheesy Disney jokes. On a side note, I sort of love that Bear uses her powers at home (the ring in the water) and that Mom's "in it" and not still being brainwashed.

The guy that was beating Peter up, when he was tied to the chair, where have I seen him before? It's making me batty. I wonder if the Irish thugs will give Peter his life box next week. (I'm sorry, but NBC needs to stop with The Box promo. It's just sad in comparison to, "Save the Cheerleader.") It can't be that simple... plus he was making out with cute bar maid sister... hey, if I were him, I'd want to stay in Ireland, too, so I say, work whatever angle you have to for some time on European soil. (And as cute as he and Hayden are, all the talk of him hooking up with Claire, totally grosses me out.) And in the words of Hubby, who Blackberry Messaged me during the ep, "Milo looks ripped. Heeeeeey."

Still sort of bored with the Takezo K. story... save the visuals on David Anders, whom it appears, is of the same power family as Bear. Warriors and Cheerleaders unite!

The Haitian returns. The virus returns. Mohinder keeps handing out blood to cure people - that can't be good, I'm just sayin'.

Creepiest new hero? Maya. What the HELL is she doing?

That preview for next week better not be faking me out, AGAIN. As in, Sylar better be back. And bring on episode 5 already... I'm ready for some Kristen Bell!

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