Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Office: 4x02

The Office
Dunder Mifflin Infinity

*eye blink*


*eye blink*

I take issue with this week's episode. Maybe it's because the premiere was so fantastic, but Thursday night was - dare I say it - disappointing. The first half hour was fine, but the second was just... off. For as much as there was to love, there was just as much to... not... love.

Jim and Pam were fantastic. Loved the break room kiss and Toby's jealous memo and subsequent unwillingness to let them sign a "love contract." Michael's, "day that will live in infamy" and Angela and Phyllis's comments were funny (Phyllis is hardcore), as was the interchange between PB&J about the magic being gone. They're officially the cutest thing I've ever seen - no doubt. OH! And how much did I love JK's face after Ryan tried to hit on Pam. "I guess he can't get ANY girl he wants." Thankyouverymuch.

And sadly, as much as I love this show, and as much as I know it's NOT all about Jim and Pam - they were the best part of this episode for me. Honorable mentions:

Dwangela. I'm interested in the direction of the relationship now - whether or not they'll overcome the death of Sprinkles. Some very funny stuff between the two of them, not to mention Dwight breaking into tears in the car with Michael...

Kelly. "I'm pregnant." So funny. So delusional and sad... but so funny.

But then, there was the second half hour. Goodie baskets and driving into a lake and yelling at clients... I just... I wasn't feeling it. And for some reason, the lack of "feeling it" for this show, is a huge loss for me. Like some sort of gap in the universe of funny. I still trust the writers and the show - one episode doesn't do me in - I just hated feeling this way after such a strong opening.

Still, I fully expect to see Ryan fall flat on his smug, little face. And I can't wait for that.

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