Saturday, October 6, 2007

Friday Night Lights: 2x01

Friday Night Lights
Last Days of Summer

I have a question we all want to know the answer to: WWRD?

What Would Riggins Do? Because... you know... he is the Captain of the S.S. TaTas.

Coach and Mrs. Coach: Text I received from a friend during last night's episode, "Coach Taylor is the hottest thing in the universe." I concur. Seriously. My little, southern heart can't take that sweet, sweet man and his hair and his accent and his... Coach-ness. If you don't love Coach Taylor, your heart is black. As for Mrs. Coach (my second favorite person), she's bearing up well under the stress of being pregnant, having a bratty, hormonal teenager in the house and a husband four hours away... but I'm thinking Coach Taylor will have his blue-clad, Panther self back in Dillon before Buddy Garrity can yell State! (Did you not see his heart swell when he started giving out those Championship rings?) Kudos, as usual, to Kyle and Connie for being amazing. Her restraint when she finds out Eric has to go back to Austin early, and the tears when he shuts the door... awesome. Also loved the conversation between Coach and Julie after he picks her up at the bar, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" And let's be honest, Gracie Taylor might be the cutest name I've ever heard.

Matt and Julie: Jules!!! Stop it! Forget The Swede and his stupid band (I am not a fan of what I saw in next week's preview). Stop complaining that you have a perfect boyfriend and worrying about ending up like your parents (who are AWESOME). Stop being a teenager! (I'm sorry, I taught them and they annoy me.) And get your little, blonde head to that party with Matt Saracen. *sigh* I know, I know. They're in high school, and will inevitably break up. And get back together. And break up. But they were so sweet last season. I need the sweetness. And if she doesn't want him, damn it, I do! (Perhaps therein lies the reason for my frustration.) As Coach says, "What about the Saracen?" As for Matt, LOVE anytime he has interaction with Coach T - and the grocery store scene was no exception. "Don't just stand by and watch it happen." Hopefully he won't...

Landry and Tyra: Here is the point of contention for everyone. I do take some slight issue with this - especially considering Landry is who I generally rely on for comic relief. And it was okay... until the very end. Still funny that he's completely befuddled when he's around her, that she's being his friend and that he's her, "knight in shining armor." But seriously, why is the guy from 8 months ago suddenly following her around. And if the guy showed up and tried to attack her for a SECOND time and they were defending themselves... why didn't they call the dang police?? Because this murder/drop in the river could possibly be a bit too dramatic for FNL. But I trust them. I do. So let's see how they handle this one. (P.S. Why is Landry trying to get on the football team?) And by the way, are Tyra and Lyla friends now? I want them to be...

Lyla and (let's just put her with) Riggins: Wow. I know some fans get annoyed with Lyla, but I'm actually impressed with the realism here (people can moan and groan all they want, but it is a big part of some people's lives), and kind of interested to see where they take the storyline. And say what you want, but her prayer at the dinner table was hysterical. "... and to give others at the table the strength to remember that a mother of three should not be wearing skinny jeans. Amen." (So, did Lyla graduate or is she now a Senior, just no longer cheering?) Throw Tim Riggins in the mix and I'm thinking we'll see a little give and take, a little struggle for Lyla between the past and her new life. Especially since she's still his, "number one." And speaking of Riggins, the boy is losing it. LOSING it. And I don't think it's any small coincidence that Lyla is there, offering to save his soul. She can get mad and pissy, but we all know she still cares. Which leads me to wonder about...

Street: Where does he stand with Lyla? He and Rig left last season on good terms and he's there to defend Rig to the new coach, but what about his lady friends? And as for Jason's job, I sense some issues to flesh out with his place in Dillon and on the team. 'Cause we all know he doesn't want to be the mascot.

Buddy: I know you're just trying to protect your kids from becoming part of some cult, (And I laughed out loud with Eric when Buddy wondered why anyone would find him annoying.) but come on, Buddy, you're sleeping at work and getting into fights? You need to go see the guidance Counselor.

Smash: Where were you tonight? Besides the pool?

Dear New Dillon Panther Football Coach,
I don't like you. You don't care about the kids. You're rude and will never have the team's respect. Go away.


Paco said...

Where in Gods gay hell did you find that picture of Riggins and Lyla?! for gods sake thats a hot picture.

and yeah I take a little issue with the whole stalker guy thing but whatever. we'll see where they this.

and God I love Matt. Every time he stutters i just wanna go out there and find me a stuttering man of my own!!! WTF R U THINKING JULIE?!?!

And Coach Taylor... ever since Early Edition... you have had my heart.

Proof said...

Hahaha... I love the first line of your comment. I can't remember where I found it. One of FNL websites listed at right, I think. :) But yeah... HOT.

My friends and I have this "thing" for Matt Saracen (and Riggins. and Coach) that is beyond words. I love that boy and his stuttering self. *sigh* I might go down to Austin and step in for Julie...

New Dillon Panther Football Coach said...

I don't care much for you either.