Tuesday, November 13, 2007

House: 4x07


More Chase this week - good start. But honestly, after finishing, I'm more interested in discussing next week's preview than this week's episode (House collapsing, 13 with tremors, Criss Angel wannabe) - even though there were some fabulous moments tonight (quotes below).

Speaking of Chase, he and Cameron are boring me. I know Jesse and Jen broke up and with new characters, there's not as much time, but COME ON! We invested in their relationship for three years. And nothing. You know, besides her getting all hot and bothered about House and discussing it with Chase. On camera. *sigh*

And I'm not really sure what the point was in bringing the CIA doctor into the mix - other than proving that Thirteen is smart and solidifying her as one of the final fellows and not just a pretty face. I mean, we all know House likes the ladies and the inappropriate comments (I maintain that he and Cuddy are hot for each other), so why bring this chick in for two episodes just to tell us what we already knew?

Amongst it all, there are still some things I can count on, and while there has been a shocking lack recently, House and Wilson together continues to be one of the consistently funny rocks of the show. I love it. Seriously. I want to be friends with them.

In other news, I really wanted Cuddy's outfit tonight. So cute. What? I know it has nothing to do with plot or story, but I don't care.

Who doesn't like Patch Adams?

Camerawoman: Pretend we're not here.
House: If I do that, won't I bump into you?

House: It's a joke. See, I became a doctor because of the movie, Patch Adams.

House: I think she might be an idiot.

House: She was able to identify that they were good ideas.
Wilson: Stab in the dark, here. Is she pretty?
House: She's new. She's nervous.
Wilson: She's a C cup.

House: Hey, hey, hey, hey! You have an all access pass to the case, not my Fave Five.

Wilson: Thirteen's pretty. You're obviously okay with her.
House: She killed a patient.
Wilson: The Bitch is pretty.
House: The Bitch is a bitch.
Wilson: Ask her out.
House: The Bitch? She's a bitch.

Wilson: Pretty girl kill again?


Ernest said...

I don't like Patch Adams.

In fact, I hate Patch Adams.

Josh and Brooke said...

As does House. Part of his charm...