Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Round-up.

Chuck: I'm still lovin' this show. It's a little bit of everything - action, drama, romance, fantasy and comedy. Geez, Levi cracks me up. He's just so... lovable and adorkable. Perfect casting on their part because I watch him and think, "Man, he's just so ... sincere." It's sweet, really. Plus, come on, last night we had R Bils and Marshall Flinkman in the same episode (who else was cracking up at the gymnast routine?), so I really don't see how they can go wrong. Casey continues to grow on me, simply because I totally understand his complete exasperation in everything and everyone. But my poor Chuck, secret bound and hung up on his romantic cover. Really, Sarah, did you have to lie ... even if you are immune to the Veritaserum poison? Tell Chuckie you like him. You know you wanna.

Gossip Girl: Dang Josh Schwartz and his teenage soap operas. Seriously, there is about as much integrity of story in this show as there is in my pinkie ... but I just can't stop.

Pushing Daisies: Top of my list show, but odd. Honestly, PD is one of a kind unique and quirky, which I love. The dialogue slaps you - quick, funny and sarcastic - in the best way and Lee Pace's delivery of Ned is ... well, I think the whole world has a crush on him. I'm also a fan of the narrator. Love him. Especially when he comments on the story. All that said, I don't necessarily find something to say about PD each week. Mainly because watching it is an escape from my escape. Sure, there are things to comment on, but I know the story of The Pie Hole. I know Ned and Chuck are in love and that Emerson is unabashedly annoyed by everything (another trait I identify with), while Olive pines away for The Piemaker. What keeps me coming each week is that little tag of hope at the end, where Ned and Chuck are the only ones in the room. Romantic. That's what this show is! But not cheesy. Romantic without gouda - the best possible kind.

Private Practice: Watching for Violet and Cooper.


Paco said...

I couldnt stomach ne more Private Practice... although Cooper and Taye Diggs's body was what kept me going for all full 2 episodes I watched!

Proof said...

Completely understandable. Though, Christopher from Gilmore Girls showed up last night, so I might hang on a bit longer for him...