Thursday, November 15, 2007

How many more do we get?

From what I've gathered via Ausiello, Spoilerfix and various show-specific sites, here's how many episodes we have left of the following (give or take), before the Writer's Strike eats them.

Chuck - 5 more
How I Met Your Mother - ?
Heroes - 3 more
Samantha Who - 7 more
Journeyman - ?

Reaper - between 2 and 4 more
House - 5 more

Pushing Daisies - 3 more
Private Practice - 3 or 4 more
Gossip Girl - 5 more

The Office - 1 more (cue gnashing of teeth)
Grey's Anatomy - 4 more

Friday Night Lights - 9 more

Brothers and Sisters - 5 more


So, about 5 more weeks of solid television before it all starts to taper off. Thanks goodness FNL gets it done and will be with us well into the new year - just in time for LOST to begin. And then end again. (Don't get me started right now.)

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