Thursday, November 15, 2007

Head's up...

I'm leaving for Birmingham and Atlanta at 5:15 today, so the likelihood of an update before Sunday is minimal, at best.

It's already been determined I will not be able to catch the (I refuse to call it Season Finale) last Season 4 episode - for now - of The Office until I get home. And while a plan is already in place to watch Friday Night Lights (with two of my obsessive friends from the Facebook group) at its regularly scheduled time, I'm not sure I'll have access to a computer, as I don't own a laptop and don't expect anyone to have theirs with them at the hotel. If I find out differently, perhaps I'll be able to make an FNL post, but no promises!

Hope you'll forgive me, but this trip is essential. As in, fun for me.

I'll be hanging out with my girlfriends at "The Swell Season" show in Atlanta on Saturday night. I kicked myself for missing their show in LA this summer, and wasn't about to pass up a second opportunity, so thank goodness for TIVO and shows streaming on the Internet (hear that, AMPTP).

If you've never heard of "The Swell Season," grab the soundtrack to the movie, Once. Listen. Be mesmerized. (And then check out Glen's band, "The Frames.") And if you haven't seen this movie, it needs to be at the TOP of your DVD list!

Once, the Movie
The Swell Season

Okay, gotta go pack!

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