Sunday, November 11, 2007

It doesn't sound like you really mean that...

Sorry, guys.

It's been outrageously long since I posted, but life has sort of taken over the last couple of weeks. My grandfather had a stroke, I worked ridiculous hours at this Christmas retail fair (it's questionable as to whether or not my feet still function) and I found a new apartment that has to be painted and cleaned before I can move in (because it was built in the '40s). Thing is, with all that going on, I've been behind on my shows and had to watch some online (which I know is a "no no" these days with the strike) and some days later than airing. Then, my TIVO tried to explode from holding the backlogs of material. Alas, I think I'm caught up. Finally. As for the blog, it was hard to keep it going as it's just me manning the ship.

That said, I bow in humble apology for my absence. I'm not really sure how many people actually come here regularly, but if you do, I will not look you in the eye for at least a week as a sign of deference. ;)


And now, a mash:

The Office: I've missed two recaps, but I'm focusing on "Survivor Man." Interesting episode. Funny, in its own way, but interesting. Steve Carell tends to take a heavy undertone to the story when he writes. This evolution of Jim Halpert thing (check out GMMR) - stuck in his job, but content in his life - seems to be coming to the front lines this year. Jim being afraid of becoming Michael, promising not to be at DM in 10 years just like Michael did. And then there's the second life discovery of what Jim would really like to be doing.

It's interesting, veddy veddy... we're seeing Jim happier than he's ever been personally, but I'm starting to wonder if we won't see a bit more discontent with his choices professionally. Of course, this storyline should have been saved for the second to last or last season, so the final episode involves Jim getting a fancy new job and moving off with his fiance, Pam (did I just say that? oops!), but whatever the writers want to explore, I'm up for it. As long as they don't screw with my PB&J. Wouldn't it be interesting to see them actually stay together and figure things out. What a novel idea. You know, sort of like people do in real life. On a side note, Jan has plastic boobs!

House: House at the CIA = Awesome! Still only one Chase scene, a smattering of Cameron and LOTS of Foreman. I'm starting to wonder how Jesse Spencer feels about this.

Friday Night Lights: Okay. I'm sorry. You KNOW how obsessed I am with this show (I'm currently wearing a T-shirt I made a with Panther Football written on front and Riggins and Saracen on back), but I have several WTF (not necessarily bad, just... WTF) things to toss out into the ether.

a) Last week in Mexico. Lyla making out with Street and Riggins. In front of each other. (The "I need to go pray" comment was a bit much for me.) My friend and I had to rewind after looking at each other and saying, "Did that just happen?" I'm supposing she was drunk? I... And... But then, the next day driving home (this week's ep), there's no mention of it, head on Rig's shoulder, reminiscing about the past. Weird. Not that I mind, I mean, I'd go for both too, maybe just not in front of each other. All I'm sayin'. Still, my funny friend in the elite Facebook group that shall not be named, had this to say: "I don't know why everyone's thinking it's strange. Didn't any of ya'll see Y Tu Mama Tambien? Apparently those sorts of shenanigans happen all the time during Mexican road trips." Apparently. I'll know what to expect when I hit the road for Mexico.

b) Tami's sister is gonna annoy me. c) Saracen! Get your lips off that randomite! d) Riggins. I love you. e) Coach and Tami were CLASSIC in last week's episode (re: post baby fun time for Coach). I laughed... god, I laughed.

f) Landry's dad is cop and an idiot. I mean, how is he going to explain Landry's missing car? Better yet, what's he gonna say when they find the car (they always find the car)? More importantly, how is Landry going to drive all the Collete women, plus Mrs. Saracen and Lyla to the State Championship this year? Geez.


There were other moments of the week. But since I have two weeks to atone for, I think I'll just start over fresh with the one upcoming.


Anonymous said...

Yay, you're finally back! Sorry about your dad's stroke. Hope he gets better soon.

Sarah said...

Life, it never gives you a break does it? I hope your grandfather is happy and healthy soon.

I have to hear what you think about Heroes. Truth is, I haven't even finished watching last week's episode (which would have been unheard of last year).