Sunday, May 6, 2007

Just thinkin' out loud...

Have you seen the preview for this week's Office?

It's making me nervous in that way I can't stand because I want to know what's happening already! Yeah, my complete and total lack of patience is rearing it's ugly head, but come on - Pam, on the beach, being honest! (Jim in a hoodie and hat, hello!) Am I really supposed to be patient and think, "Oh, it's only four days until a new ep and, bonus, there are only two left until summer!"

No, I don't think I'm supposed to be frakkin' okay with either of those things!

I need the Yahoo! previews. Those things are like crack and yet, I'm sure they won't give anything important away. Speaking of, methinks I don't trust the NBC promo department, but Jenna did say in her blog, "... the one not to be missed is Beach Day. Seriously. Don't miss it."

Believe me, Jenna, I won't.

Is it Thursday yet?

In effort to calm down, let's talk about something I haven't watched, and therefore, have no overtly emotional attachment to... yet. House.

I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and my husband pointed out the new issue of TV Guide with Hugh Laurie on the cover. He recently saw an episode of House and has been on a kick about the show ever since, trying to convince me to watch. It would appear he hasn't paid attention to my blog or seen the number of times I've listed House as part of my summer TV catch-up. Ahem. I had to tell him to stop talking as he saw a current episode and I've never seen any at all. (I have a thing about watching shows in order, not starting in the middle.) He could care less and gave me a, "I'm not trying to break your sacred TV code, I just think it's a cool show. He's like a mix of Cox on Scrubs and Jess on Gilmore Girls." Not sure I'm fully enamored by that character analysis, but whatever. In a few weeks, I'll have my own opinion as the Netflix cue draws him forward.

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