Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday Night Lights: 2x02

Friday Night Lights
Bad Ideas

Yes, and there were lots of them in this episode. So many it's hard to choose. Returning to the scene of the crime, The Swede, Buddy Garrity (Just in general... "Rig-O"), The Taylor family split (which is taking its toll, obviously) ... and let's not forget Landry and Tyra doin' the dirty.

Where do I even begin?

I have a wonderful group of TV obsessed friends, with whom I can have endless conversations about fictional characters. I've had my boss remind me that Jim and Pam aren't real while, discussing them with A, I've sat at length while pondering LOST in a room full of faces, and now that FNL has entered my life, there's T-shirt making and Facebook groups. In said (and very exclusive, I can't even discuss it) Facebook group, I'm an officer. Julie Taylor is my name. And last night... I was ashamed of myself. But more on that later. There's something else bigger on my mind...

Forget WWJD. Let's ask what Kyle Chandler's hair would do... because it has a life of its own and I love it.

Sometimes it's easier to write my feelings down. You know, letters you'll never send...

Dear Landry and Tyra,
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Do you hear me? NO! I loved the funny Landry/Tyra dynamic. The mismatched hot girl/goofy good guy friendship. I'm not sure I can handle the angsty, "I killed him for you," subplot. *facepalm* I mean, between the MURDER (What? Why was there even a murder?), the river, the hand holding, love confessions and the ohmygodI'mfreakingoutandyou'retheonlyonewhoknowshowifeel sympathy sex, I just can't take it. (Still, even if I have issues with the storyline, kudos to Jesse and Adrienne - they really impressed me tonight.)

Dear Tami T,
I just want to sit down and cry with you. Or get you a maid. And ground Julie. Seriously, you are stretched thin. You're strolling down the street in 105 degree Texas weather, ending up with a sick baby, a long distance husband and a TEENager. Nevermind you have your own life to deal with - and you're missing your job. You need help, I mean, come on, the constant and spontaneous tearful breakdowns? You need Coach and his sexy hair to come home. Good thing I sense the winds are a-changin'.

Dear Julie,
You suck for a number of reasons. 1) It's not you, it's me. 2) Stringing Matt along. 3) Breaking up with Matt. 4) Kissing The Swede. 5) Being rude to your mother. Alas, you are a teenager... I expect remorseful, angsty, up and down emotional upheaval. *sigh* At least they're writing you true to teenage character, no matter how much I want to pull out your hair, strand by strand. And can I just ask - how old is The Swede supposed to be? Because one minute he's acting like your dad, patting you on the head and patronizing you with terms of endearment like, "kid," and then he's making out with you in the car. I'd be insulted if I were you... I'm just sayin'.

Dear Matt,
I love you, really, I do. And I'm sorry Julie is dragging you through the mud (I bet she realizes her mistake before too long), and you have grown up things to do like look for medical assistance and take care of your family, but if you hook up with your grandmother's new sit and be fit , in-home nurse, I will strangle you. Kisses. P.S. I still think you should find some way to show Jules what she's missing, just... not that way.

Dear Jason,
Okay, the dream is kinda creepy - not because of the walking, I'd love for you to walk - but because it includes Coach's wife. Weird? Yes. And also... I NEED some information on Street and Lyla. Seriously, they were together for like, their whole lives and suddenly... nothing. I need closure, even if you don't.

Dear Coach,
Go, go Coach! Go, go, go Coach! You tell that hyped up, full of himself punk college kid where to stick it! "Who am I talking to? Who am I? Who the hell are you?" Ooooooo! Too bad you got a little zing and a cut when you got back to the office, "I bet you were one hell of a high school coach, Taylor." What exactly is that supposed to mean? He's just one hell of a coach in general.

Dear Lyla and Riggins,
We all know you still want to do it.

My favorite exchange of the night:

Matt: Grandma. What... what'd you order?
Mrs. Saracen: Is that my tiara?
Matt: (as if he's never heard the word before) Tiara?
Mrs. Saracen: Is it? (gasps) Look how pretty!
Landry: That... that'll be beautiful for whenever you just... zip on over to the Rite Aid.
Matt: Grandma, no, no, no, no. It's $2400. We gotta... it's... we gotta send this back.
Mrs. Saracen: Look how pretty!
Landry: Beautiful.
Matt: It's really pretty, but it's really gotta go back.
Mrs. Saracen: (puts on the tiara) Oh, boys.
Landry: Look at... look at her...
Mrs. Saracen: You can't put a price tag on happiness.

Next week on FNL: Tyra hits and runs, Buddy calls a late night coup, and Tami bitch slaps Julie... just another Friday night in Dillon.

And now...
a little somethin' for the ladies.

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