Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Office: 4x04

The Office

I loved this episode. I know there's some debate going on about it being too dramatic, but honestly, Booze Cruise had its moments - and so does life. And I think they did a good job of interspersing the heartfelt with the funny. So much goodness.

I wouldn't wish that on my worst ememy...

Jim and Dwight are fantastic together. Yes, it's funnier when they're annoying each other and playing pranks, but I like getting a glimpse into the inner workings of their "friendship." The beet farm was funny - Dwight reading the bed time story, while Mose rocked on the bed. But more than that, I loved seeing Jim and Pam take care of Dwight while he dealt with his break up. And I adored Jim's confession (and personal revelation) that brought Dwight around. I was also a fan of the moaning and the crying in the stairwell - reaching out for Jim, but finding him gone was a great touch. I think my favorite thing is that "normal" for those two, is Dwight being hard to get along with and pushing Jim's stuff off his desk. Victory.

And speaking of Italian food...

Seriously, anyone who says that getting the couple together on a TV show doesn't work, needs to watch The Office. I swear, every week I think I'm going to die from the cuteness that is Jim and Pam. Really. I can't handle it. I mean, let's roll call the moments of the week: the look on Jim's face when he realizes Pam is booking them a room at Schrute Farms, Jim's "manure speech" about how he imagined his first night away with Pam, Harry Potter story time cuddling, the glimpse into their room where we can see the beds pushed together, the Trip Advisor review, and of course, the kiss and subsequent Italian food talking heads. *sigh* John Krasinski is really blowing it for the male population out there, making women think that Jims actually exist in the wild.

Notables and Quotables...

1. The Devil Wears Prada/Million Dollar Baby cold open with Michael and Pam.

2. Schrute Farms. From Jim's discovery of its existence, to Cousin Mose running alongside the car, using the outhouse and just... running. Everywhere. I love Mose. I feel like I learned so much about agrotourism tonight. And really hate I can't stay at the asparagus farm.

3. Darryl. Just... so funny.

4. Michael having actual friends who like him at his other job.

5. Power Point! Power Point!

6. The conference room scene! Whomever/whoever. You know that discussion had to have gone down in the writer's room. So good.

7. Andy's moonwalking moves - even though we didn't actually see them, I like to imagine that's why he was standing spread eagle at Pam's desk - his legs were tired.

8. Michael's runaway train (never goin' back).

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Sarah said...

Mose really was the best in the episode. When he started running with the car, it totally reminded me of dogs that greet you out in the country.

PB & J need to stop being so cute- because I'm loving it too much. One part I had to rewatch is Ryan's look he gave Darryl. He held the intense look longer than I thought he would.