Friday, October 12, 2007

The Office: 4x03

The Office
Launch Party

Or Lunch Party, whichever you prefer.

I claim tonight as a triumph. Much better than last week. Just enough craziness, but not driving in a lake insanity. THANK GOODNESS.

Back on track and I love it...

1. DVD wallpaper screens are RIVETING! So funny to watch them all completely captivated and Michael totally oblivious. Plus, Jim and Pam's ribbing each other over whether or not she saw it when she was alone... too cute.

2. Jim's look of defeat after signing Meredith's cast.

3. Dwight's beard, and attempt to win Angela back by beating the computer in sales.

4. Phyllis, Googling, "How to deal with difficult people," before tossing paper in Angela's face.

5. Andy. His inability to let things go (when Jim is ribbing him), his pursuit of Angela, his sales monitoring with Dwight. And the singing, oh, the singing.

6. Angela, back to her old self - plus some. Dead cat, break up with her boyfriend, yeah... she's a little more tense than normal. And asking Pam to set her up... risky, since Pam is the office mattress.

7. Jim and Pam's prank on Dwight. First off - LOVED seeing them back in action. Second, great prank, very funny, but actually kind of touching at the end when Pam throws Dwight a bone.

8. Michael's shirt, his belief that the VIP party with the "www" address is in New York, and asking Jim OR Pam to go with him. (Add their, "Not it." conversation after Michael leaves and I'm thinking we have a standard, classic Office scene.) Ah, and his webcam "message."

9. Jim and Pam escaping criminal charges with dinner on the roof - and an adorable discussion of when they first knew they liked each other.

10. Michael and Dwight heading to the city for New York style Sushi.

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