Friday, October 12, 2007

Pushing Daisies: 102

Pushing Daisies

I. Love. This. Show.

I love how it looks. I love how it sounds. I love the strange, funny, quirky sense of humor it maintains. I love the narrator and the yearly countdown. I just... love.

One of my favorite things is the dialogue. But more than that, the delivery... especially on Ned's part. For instance, in this episode we see Ned and Chuck, cute as pie, in matching twin beds, with matching smiles on their happy faces:

Chuck: Is this strange?
Ned: This is not strange. Unusual, maybe, eccentric, in a quaint way, like dessert spoons.

And if Lee Pace continues to look at Anna Friel the way he does, I may melt. Great chemistry, those two.

What we learned this week:

1. Ned and Chuck can touch... just not skin to skin. Prepare for cuteness. Loved Chuck's distaste for the back seat and Ned's plexi-glass screen with gloved hand holding slot. Not to mention the kissing through plastic. I expect to see a plethora of inventive new ways to touch, without touching.

2. Olive is channeling Sandy from Grease. The musical number cracked me up, and, as a huge fan of Wicked, made me slightly giddy to see "Galinda" on screen.

3. Professor Landry is a killer, no matter what show he's on.

4. Emerson keeps his reward money in individually knitted cases... anyone have the key to his office?

5. Digby is awesome. Just because...

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